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Evidential Alcohol Tester

Police Use Alcohol Tester - Eagle-3

Product Features
  1. 1.       UK made Electrochemical/Fuel cell sensor: Highly specificity to alcohol, unaffected by other possible breath contaminants.
  2. 2.       Compact Gas Circuit Design and Advanced Analysis process: Assure fast, accurate and stable testing results.
  3. 3.       Built-in Printer: Fast printing process and clear print-outs.
  4. 4.       Color TFT LCD Touch Screen: 3.5 inch color touch screen.
  5. 5.       Memory Capacity: Data storage of 40,000 test results. Any test results can be easily recalled, printed or downloaded to a computer for statistical analysis and back up.
  6. 6.       GPRS Application: Every test record can be transferred to PC data manage software in real time through GPRS network enables real-time monitoring. (Optional)
  7. 7.       Built-in GPS Function: Satellite positioning of inspection location. (Optional)
  8. 8.       Mouthpiece: Specially designed one-way mouthpiece



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